Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dinner after the museum

After our visit of the season to Shelburne Museum, a few days before it closed for the winter.

Improved vegetable soup
Family Tuna Melt

The Family Tuna Melt
Split an unsliced loaf of bread lengthwise.  Scoop out and set aside some bread to make a bowl that will hold more.  Butter the bread surface, sprinkle some cayenne on it.
Mix three cans of tuna with mayo.
Spread tuna on bread
top with cheese
broil 2 minutes.
If the bread is still cold, lower rack and bake at 300 until warm.

Improved Vegetable Soup
Basic soup was broth-carrots-celery
Added: diced tomato and spinach.
Major Improvement.
Garnish with pesto