Friday, July 8, 2016

fajitas dinner

I had leftover rice, potatoes.
I made scarlet runner beans that morning.

It was hot, so I didn't want to do oven fajitas.
2.25 lbs of chicken thigh meat, cut up.
heat oil in skillet, add
1TB good chili powder,
1teas paprika
a little garlic powder.
Put meat in, added salt.
cooked the heck out of it, since I felt like the meat was starting to turn.
lemon zest and some squeezed lemon, because I had it.
lots of spice-colored greasy juice in this one.  It was a hit.

Prepared beans with same spices; not as successful.

sauteed most of a large red onion and a large red pepper in another skillet for fajita veggies.

grated cheddar.

tore up a head of iceberg lettuce

The kid who wasn't feeling like mexican food put chicken on rice.

The woman who is dieting put a bed of lettuce on her plate and topped it with onion, pepper, and a little chicken, and some oil-and-vinegar dressing.  But she got hungry at 10 and had a half a PB&J for dessert and then popcorn.  So next time, more chicken for her.

One made two bean burritos with potato inside, and then still couldn't sleep four hours later because so overstuffed.

Teen age boy ate the one serving of leftover meat rather than bother putting it away in the fridge for tomorrow.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Garden Sun Notes

First week in July
6:00 front veggie garden in shade
6:45 south half of front veggie garden in sun
7:15 all of front veggie garden in sun;
     --nb: stake shade is 2.5x its height, adding a 3-ft eastern hedge would shadow all the garden!!
7:15 all of back garden in shade
7:45 southern half of back garden (lawn side) is in sun
8:30 back garden in full sun except for tomato plant closest to gate.
9:05 still: back garden in full sun except for tomato plant closest to gate.
10:00 all the back veggie garden in sun, including tomato plant closest to fence.

1 pm full sun everwhere
2:40 front yard: the lilac is making a shadow into the front garden, but the roofline shadow hasn't reached it yet.
2:40 back yard: back 2/3 of veggie garden in shade; front half of garden along fenceline are getting sun; grassline along "triangle" has sun for those plants.  Tomato addition along fence to gate in full sun.
3:30 roofline shadow at border of front garden.
3:30 backyard tomato area along fence in full sun;
        some dappled sun on corner of main backard garden