Sunday, July 12, 2015

Learning to Grill

Fourth of July: Grilled Food picnic!
We had the most delicious beer-and-cheese brats from the Healthy Living butcher.  Holiday foods runs out at grocery stores on the 4th, so we were lucky to get the last four they had left.
I grilled veggie burgers for those who did not want brats.
We grilled corn and veggie kebabs of mushroom, bell pepper, onion, and summer squash.
Some of the kids turned their brats into Currywurst.
And there was watermelon.

I had the ingredients for strawberry/blueberry shortcakes, and the cake part bought at the store ready to go.  But we were all so full from our evening meal we passed on them.

Costco run to restock the house after our trip, and Costco had salmon that wasn't farmed.  Sliced the fish into manageable serving-sized pieced.  Grilled it by cooking on high heat skin side UP for at least five minutes, then flipping it skin side down, lower heat, until done.  Goes without saying: clean the grill first.  And, it didn't stick and fall apart!  Well, the skin stuck a little removing it from the grill at the end, but the fish stayed together, so that was a win to repeat.  Grilled summer squash and bell pepper quartered, no kebab.

Grilled again later that week.  Brats from Costco.  Also delicious as leftovers.  Served them with bbq-seasoned yam fries, and the pescatarian had leftover salmon

Thursday the 9th: made veggie chili and took it to party potluck, and found out it's not just my family that likes that chili.  I threw in the leftover summer squash, bell pepper, and bbq yam fries, chopped up.  Our hosts grilled italian sweet sausage patties and we ate them like hamburgers: how fantastic is that?  Very.  Will copy.  Also: balsamic vinegar over watermelon, purple and orange potato salad I wish I'd gotten the recipe for, and the most creamy vegetarian lasagna ever.

Friday the 10th: Our friends came to town!  I grilled brats again (delicious but not as fancy ones from Costco) and chicken, corn, veggie kebabs, and veggie burger.  Had pretzel rolls for the grilled food, that was a hit too.  Then on to the Ben and Jerry's Factory tour.  Ordered pizza for dinner.

Saturday the 11th:  for lunch it was sandwiches, leftovers, and the girls made pasta topped with pesto.  We ate out for dinner: Vermont Tap.  Made beans in the afternoon in anticipation of making more chili.

Sunday morning: divided the muffin batter and made half blueberry muffins, and the other half apple-cheese muffins.   Still feel like the food is running low and I'm not keeping up with the cooking since we got back from vacation over a week ago.