Sunday, September 13, 2015

Garden recommendations for next year for us

Broccoli was great--do that again, but don't delay harvesting broccoli.  It's fantastic just as it comes ripe/ready.

four zucchini plants, but no spaghetti squash next time.  It's all too much summer squash.

Pumpkin was fun.  Do it far away from the summer squash.

Peppers were fun.  Jalapenos came ready in September.  Mild peppers a few weeks before.

Do cucumbers.  I missed them this year.

Eggplants--I'm still waiting.  They just started to flower.

Kale is delicious but the bugs are eating it so I don't get much.  Lacinato is delicious but very vulnerable.  Russian a little more resistant.  Find a normal curly kale, see how that does?

Tomatoes--right number, but too inaccessible the way we have them planted.