Sunday, November 23, 2014

Third Week of November

Bean, kale, and cheese enchilada with easy green sauce. -green-enchilada-sauce recipe uses canned jalapeño peppers

Vanilla pudding pie for dessert

Leftover cheesy kale spaghetti with added sausage

Tuesday--no family dinner
One had a meetup.
One got hungry and ate Costco chicken bake before dinner.
One had a work thing and ate dinner out.
Who was left made herself a mushroom olive artichoke pizza on purchased crust with a side of pomegranate seeds.

Black Bean & Vegetable Soup with Grilled Cheese. Sliced oranges as fruit side
Cleaned out many waiting vegetables in fridge. The leftover yams from last week. More of the purple kale. The leek that I didn't use two weeks ago. Celery. Red pepper pesto from Costco. A couple fresh tomatoes. It was about half vegetables in broth, half black beans.

Used canola oil spray on grilled cheese instead of butter. Much less greasy.

Homemade Mac and Cheese, mixing in crushed croutons
Green bean and mushroom saute.  Topped with Durkee onions, we all wish the onions were omitted.