Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Dinner Plan

Easy Mint Chutney for Samosas
Spicy Dried Red Pepper Chutney for Samosas
Beginner Samosas Recipe
Spicy Chickpeas Snack/Appetizer

My Favorite Palak Paneer Recipe and Picture Directions
Makhani Sauce
Pulao Rice
Roast Chicken
Green salad with vinagreite.

what actually happened:
--Store ran out of mint Christmas Eve, and I was shopping at last minute.  Scratch Mint Chutney.
--Got behind schedule as dinner hour approached.  Scratch Samosas after dough and filling made.
--Scratched green salad.
--Snacked on chickpeas made earlier in the afternoon--which saved us as dinner was an hour late.
--Roasted an eggplant on whim and put it in the mahkani sauce.  Baingan Makhani?

Spicy Chickpeas Snack
Roast Chicken
Palak Paneer
Makhani with Roasted Eggplant
Christmas Cookies (sugar cookies frosted with buttercream and sprinkles) for dessert.
 and 'twas perfect.
 Next year:
-----make the makhani sauce hotter.
-----buy fresh mint a couple days beforehand.  Recipe requires one cup chopped.
-----The chickpeas were great both as a snack to tide to late dinner, and as added protein to vegetarian dishes.
-----If you do samosas, make them months before Christmas for practice, and make them the December 23rd for Christmas Eve appetizer.

Edited to add:
Made the samosas a couple days later.  They came out delicious.  Also referred to the Jaimie Oliver recipe and Veg recipes of India.  Next time, I'd like to roll larger wrappers larger than the five inch circles the recipe gives, and make samosas that are more like handful size than wonton size.
   Also, I sprayed the samosas with oil several times during the baking process.  I think next time I won't do that, or only do it with half.  I think the extra oil makes the dough dense and heavy, instead of flaky and bubbly.