Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Post Game

Fish--prep the fish topping ahead of time.
Set table earlier
Make people wake up by ten
Impose schedule on roll maker
Don't make food other people signed up for.
People stressing out about kitchen crowding.
There's tons of handwashing to do in the final push  That's a job for someone.
Sign up kitchen shift in advance?
Wine needs chilled.
Think about appetizer schedule.  He was making them while we were cooking, but that didn't really work.
take shower earlier
went for a walk in the morning (to Hannahford and back with L to get veggie sausage.  Walk was good.
go to the other

Do in advance:
cornbread stuffing--one recipe of Fanny Cornbread more than enough
yams--3 yams more than enought

Steelhead trout