Friday, October 9, 2015

Planning for October

Leftover Thai Curry with leftover rice and quinoa
Box Pad Thai that came with sauce packet (so terrible.  But the kids liked it?!!)

Friday Night:
mushrooms on egg noodles with Dragon Crescentwagon's gravy.
roasted brussel sprouts

Saturday Night:
bean soup with tortilla chips

Sunday Night
pizza made of frozen bread dough.  Pepperoni or sun dried tomato, with canned pineapple hit the spot.
(note: but thawing dough in oven not so successful for me.)

Monday Night
spicy chicken with bell pepper
lo mein

vegetable pot pies in individual cast iron skillets

spaghetti squash with goat cheese sauce, diced tomato and sauteed greens. was terrible.  just BLAH.

Pork Chops, roasted brussel sprouts, pumpkin pancakes.  I needed a win after last night.
mini pot pies.

Mejada (from the Jerusalem cookbook--it's everywhere)


fettucine alfredo with multicolored vegetables

make an apple pie or apple something.

Since I don't feel like cooking, anything I can make ahead, and that people can just grab, would be good.

I'm cooking up some chickpeas to add to things.  Too cold for hummus.