Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New year

Had an awesome holiday week cooking with my extended family.
It's a little inspiration carrying me back home cooking just for us, our little family.

Ham fried rice
Red curry with cashews, bell peppers, onion, and spinach
Plain rice

Greek salad
French bread

Pork loin
Cattle beans sautéed in iron griddle with onion and garlic
Kale sautéed with apple and onion in butter and olive oil
Oven herbed potato cubes
Apple pie dessert. Light whipping cream doesn't whip

Shrimp fra diavolo
Cheeseburger on toast to hungry school kid earlier

Non-dinner: mushroom quiche

Finals week

Made pork loin again

Made ham fried rice again

Meatloaf or bean burrito
Kale side
Apple slices
French fries

MLK weekend
Vegetarian lasagna with goat cheese
Benson burritos with oranges as side
Roast Turkey. Roast cauliflower