Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Roasted Cauliflower (with what? Can't remember)

Lasagna of roasted eggplant, zucchini, and kale.  Should have chopped the vegetables into small pieces or even pureed them.

Taco salad: hamburger version and bean version.  One person was sad I put cucumber in it.

fajitas of sliced beef or beans with onion/bell pepper.  Guacamole was ignored.

Vegetable hot and sour soup with tofu: Budget Bytes

Slow Cook Pork Loin

Leftover Pork Loin-red cabbage sandwiches

Bulgogi, mapu tofu, rice, stir-fried frozen asian vegetable mix

Shrimp fajitas: tortilla, rice, onion/bell pepper, shrimp sauteed with chili and salt.

Side dish:
Budgetbytes thai cucumber salad
Didn't have the green onions, so I left onion out.
Didn't have peanuts, so I put in some natural peanut butter

Cauliflower Soup and Spinach Salad.
Pioneer Woman's Spinach Warm Bacon Salad with sauteed mushrooms and red onion
Martha Stewart's Spinach, Mushroom and Red Onion Salad (vegetarian)
Cauliflower Soup: Put 4 cups leftover roasted cauliflower in Blendtec with two cups of water and heaping scoop of Better than Bouillon.  Came out so creamy, I'm never going to use the immersion blender on soup again!

Pioneer Woman: Quick and Easy Apple Tart uses packaged pastry dough