Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2nd half

Starting out with a full fridge, I've got leftovers: meat lasagna a week old; chopped roast chicken breast, flatbread pizza, banger sausage, tom yum broth.
And vegetables: broccoli, asparagus, green beans. Some packaged salads.

monday: tilapia topped with a sauce of canned diced tomato, sliced olives, capers, and fresh spinach.

tuesday: chili, broccoli, whole wheat mac and cheese.

friday: taco meat with salad and chips.  alternative: homemade cream of chicken soup for those not feeling so great who also don't like spicy.

saturday: people ate leftovers: chili, taco meat with chips, cream of chicken soup

sunday: pulled pork sandwiches for meat eaters, lentil sandwiches for non-meat-eaters of the day

vegetarian alternate filling based on this, but using lentils:

friday: I made homemade char siu bao with the leftover pulled pork using thawed frozen bread dough.  I though they weren't that great and would consider baking instead of steaming--but all the kids loved them and child1 insists the steaming was part of what made them great.

End of the month:
weekend: I'm sick.  I roasted a chicken, ran a rice cooker, and ate rice with chicken broth and salsa all weekend.  I bought some frozen prepared foods, so the kids ate leftovers, pizza from frozen, burritos from frozen, hot dogs, and some strange thing they made with canned biscuit dough.

monday: burritos with bean filling or meat filling options, served with cheese and salsa.  Or, cabbage wraps for those of us not wanting a burrito.  Or, cous-cous under beans for those who can't get enough cous-cous.  chips on the side.  Another kid declares to be vegetarian, and I've got most of a roast chicken in the fridge, and most of the taco meat is leftover.  Time to learn how to freeze cooked meat?